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Food Grade & Pharma Grade LDPE bags

The LDPE (low density polyethylene) bags are ideal for packaging & gamma irradiation of the powders, components and products. This is the thermoplastic made from a monomer ethylene. Its manufacture employs a similar method nowadays. This LDPE bags is largely used to manufacture the different containers, wash bottles, plastic bags, dispensing bottles and tubing bottles for the computer components & the different laboratory equipment. And its most general use is in the plastic bags. This bags used in the different industries including chemical, garments, electronics, automobile textile ad so on for packing of the products. These nags prevent a product from the dust or rain ad also transit damage. A major reason of introducing the LDPE bags as a packaging the material to give the top level of the transparency & also flexibility into the bags. This bag is very efficient as well as a valuable protection solution for the purpose of to keep all food items very fresh for longer time and also to enhance a shelf life of the health care medicines as well as drugs & also used to protect the other packaging products or items from a harmful effect of the odour, moisture, mildew and mold.

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 Ldpe Bags

Ldpe Bags

These bags are the moisture free, toxic free ad odorless, it gives a great possible way for 100 percent safety of a packaging product. The professional service helps a lot in maintaining very efficiency & also value of all products till they not opened or not reached into the customers. This bag is available in the various range of the sizes as well as shapes which will be selected depends on an application and quantity and also shape of the product that is packaged for the longer period. This professional service provides the top quality of Low density polyethylene bags that bring very effective results in a packaging product of a rage of the industries. Some types of the bags is largely used in a pharmaceutical & also food industry where all of the products want to be more protected from the moisture as well as from the external environmental situation when the products stored and also transported.



FDA approved raw materials of Food Grade LDPE BAGS use for Technical service and support as specific customer needs. Its Quality Systems also Computer processes that monitor and control; full tractability; incoming QA; material certifications; retain samples.