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Flash Chromatography: Makes Separation of Compounds Easier and Cost-effective Way

The chromatography adsorbents are generally used to separate the mixture of various substances that are available in very small quantity into the mixture. When a compound is mixed with different components that have same chemical and physical properties, it gets tougher to separate the component from the mixture. Common adsorbents don’t perform significantly in such cases.


The process works by distributing the mixture into two different phases namely- fixed phase and the mobile phase. Where the fixed phase can be the column of adsorbent, paper or thin layer of adsorbing material on a glass plate where the unwanted components are absorbed by the plate but, on the contrary, the compounds used in mobile phase pass through quite easily. Thus chromatography helps in producing pure liquids.

Various types of adsorbents are used in chromatography process which is based on the type of mixtures of components that are about to be separated such as; silica gel, aluminum oxide, thin layer, flash and column chromatography, etc. and it is important to select the perfect adsorbent for the mixtures.

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