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Why SILICA GEL is better for drying applications than other “ADSORBENTS”?

Silica gel is spherical and granular foam containing 97-100% silicon dioxide. It is available in two types self-indicating, a radiant bead – blue & orange color after saturated change to light pink and dark green. Another silica gel type is non-indicating white, when saturated it converts transparent white.

Silica gel is interconnecting with alumina and silicate, the selection of silica gel type is not important except to perform in environments, it prefers organic silica, because it is organic and environmentally free with high adsorption capacity than white.


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Silica gel Column Chromatography | Thin Layer and Flash Chromatography

In organic chemistry, column chromatography is the best isolation and separation methods of desired compounds from a mixture using stationery phase chromatography. We are the worldwide supplier of pure silica gel powder including silica gel hf254, silica gel gf 254 and silica gel 60 g for thin-layer chromatography with solid adsorbents. Silica gel gf 254 is a standardized, white and fine powder of an average practical size about 15 µm that is containing around 1.5% fluorescent indicator in TLC. Using stationary phase of silica gel in thin layer chromatography, a solvent add into the column to isolate compounds from mixture with solid adsorbents. Silica gel column chromatography adsorbents with different grade mesh size including silica gel 230-400 and silica gel 200-400 for flash chromatography. Silica gel 200-400 mesh size with 100% pure high purity grade for flash chromatography, manufacture by sorbead india with easy order system. Silica gel grade 100-200 mesh for column chromatography, supplier and manufacturer of silica gel powder for chemical research and pharmaceutical industries. In flash chromatography methods using silica gel 200-400 mesh and 230-400 mesh size for natural product isolation, drugs purification in organic chemistry. Two adsorbents silica gel and alumina powder use in adsorption column chromatography which is the oldest methods to isolate individual chemical compounds. Process chromatography media including column for flash and affinity chromatography and plate for thin layer chromatography use in research life science. Chromatography is the oldest technic to purify chemical substrates from mixture using adsorbents silica gel for flash, thin layer, stationery phase chromatography.

Column Chromatography

Column Chromatography

Sorbead introduced a standard chromatography method of flash column chromatography using silica gel 200-400 and 230 400 mesh size for chemical compound separation. Adsorbents silica gel grade 100-200 mesh size, 74-149 µm use in column chromatography separation of chemical compounds, get silica gel powder 200-400, 230-400 mesh. In the mobile phase, solvent moves though the silica gel and alumina adsorbents and in flash chromatography the solvent is push down by progressive air pressure. In all chromatography methods, Stationery phase is solid adsorbents using silica gel and alumina for compound separation and purification from individual chemical. Gets excellent solution using high purity grade thin layer chromatography media including labeled like silica gel gf254, silica gel gf60, silica gel hf254, silica gel 60hf.