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Function of Activated Alumina In The Process Of Water/Gas Dehydration and Filtration Process

Process of Water Hydration and Filtration:

Activated alumina is regarded essential as an effective desiccant and adsorbent that is utilized in number of applications to remove the moisture and in purifying products. Its application in the process of air drying is magnificent due to the highly porous nature of aluminum oxide which works efficiently in wide range of conditions. Water dehydration with activated alumina desiccant is a natural gas treating technology, the end result of which is similar to the gas processing technologies including glycol dehydration or gas dehydration, excepting that the desiccant dehydration does not make use of amines. Activated alumina desiccant dehydration utilizes adsorption technology for the purpose of drying natural gas.

Activated Alumina for Water Dehydration

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