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Pharmaceutical Coils

PHARMACEUTICAL COILS  involved in three types like Cotton Coils, Polyester Coils & Rayon Coils. Sorbead India is one of the best supplier with standard quality material of Pharmaceutical Coils which all are USFDA Approve DMF Free material use for Pharmaceutical products packaging.


COTTON COILS: Pharmaceutical Cotton Coils are Natural Pure cotton – Puritan FDA accepted cotton fibers using Carolina cotton fibers which are made to finest quality requirements. These cotton materials are eco-friendly and easy to deal with and make a dry atmosphere when placed within a medication bottle or tablet.

POLYESTER COILS: Pharmaceutical Polyester Coil fiber is a man created product which is completely moisture proof and is created of man-made fibers. It has a very advanced level of reliability and can be attracted into very long measures without any distortions and has a consistent structure. These rings are exposed for all packaging of medication where moisture content has to be kept as low as possible.

RAYON COILSPharmaceutical Rayon Coils are man maid Fiber, use to Cuts or Tears easily & Most commonly used in the bottling of tablets because Rayon Coils is Biodegradable.


Humidity Indicating Cards

HUMIDITY INDICATOR CARDS  use for moisture absorbing put inside sealed packaging & shipping, it will change when relative humidity is surpassed, it means color changed blue to pink. Specifically Military and Glass Industry use Humidity Cards to remove “Humidity”.

Aluminium Tubes

ALUMINIUM TUBES are available in various types with mess proof functions and choices, cap resins and different cap choices. Personalized tube design can be made for high amount clients with customized six printing in color shade and tube styles beginning at ½ inches size. These tubes can be reprocessed and 100% reutilization is possible which makes them incredibly eco-friendly.


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Moisture Absorbing Activ-Film

CSP’s MOISTURE ABSORBING ACTIV-FILM can be easily presented into your current packaging settings in a way that is not apparent the client. CSP’s Activ-Films™ that can be laminated or honored aluminum foil substrates. Fixing the Activ-Films™ straight to aluminum foil decreases the possibility that a customer will eliminate or consume the desiccant inadvertently. It also removes having a reduce desiccant in the package.


Desiccant Foam Plugs

FOAM PLUG used as a Bottle Stopper in Pharmaceutical Tablets & Capsules Packaging. Desiccant Foam Plug’s density is 18 kg/m³. Reusable quality with reliable density and sizing. Extra features: auto capable, nonabsorbent, and non-toxic. For use with our vials and bottles. The foam is created in prevents – 3m³. We get it in this condition and from that point on take every safety measure to prevent contamination. The reducing blade and board area is clean with antiseptic. Cut products are loaded into a plastic bag which is then enclosed and loaded in a card panel box.


Laminated Tubes

LAMINATED TUBES brings together the benefit of aluminum tube qualities with the look and feel of plastic. The “New Generation” of laminate tubes uses the most today’s technology to generate a tube with the industry’s most visual little joint, offering highest possible space for design and brand design. Laminate material almost stops exchange of light, air and moisture. “Sorbead India” supplier of a wide range of design and a variety of sizes and styles of Laminated Collapsible Tubes. Our abilities allow us to make a tube as small as 1/2 inches (12.7mm) diameter.

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From which material oxygen absorbers are made of?

Oxygen absorbers are small size packets that contain iron powder and little amount of water and salt. The packets are made from tyvek paper material which is FDA approved for long term moisture protection.

O-Busters were developed to protect packaged foods and other products against mold growth, spoilage, rancidity, color change, loss of nutritive values, and loss of quality. It is greatly extend the shelf life and freshness of properly canned and sealed air-tight items. It is made of a chemical compound, the active ingredient of which is form in powdered iron oxide. It has revolutionized the way that dehydrated food is stored long-term. The packets are made of a material that allows oxygen and moisture to enter but does not allow the iron powder to leak out. It is absorb oxygen and effectively reduce the aerobic environment to 0% oxygen. It is designed for various applications and made in different formulations to match the water activity of the foods they are protecting. The presence of oxygen decreases the storage life of food and pharmaceutical tablets and capsules causes’ oxidization.


Stationery Phase Chromatography using Silica Gel Adsorbents

In all chromatography methods, Stationery phase is solid adsorbents using silica gel and alumina for compound separation and purification from individual chemical.


Thin Layer Chromatography Media | Silica Gel GF254, HF254, GF60 :

Gets excellent solution using high purity grade thin layer chromatography media including labeled like silica gel gf254, silica gel gf60, silica gel hf254, silica gel 60hf.

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FDA approved raw materials of Food Grade LDPE BAGS use for Technical service and support as specific customer needs. Its Quality Systems also Computer processes that monitor and control; full tractability; incoming QA; material certifications; retain samples.