Why SILICA GEL is better for drying applications than other “ADSORBENTS”?

Silica gel is spherical and granular foam containing 97-100% silicon dioxide. It is available in two types self-indicating, a radiant bead – blue & orange color after saturated change to light pink and dark green. Another silica gel type is non-indicating white, when saturated it converts transparent white.

Silica gel is interconnecting with alumina and silicate, the selection of silica gel type is not important except to perform in environments, it prefers organic silica, because it is organic and environmentally free with high adsorption capacity than white.


Since silica gel ruptures in the presence of water. It must be protected by a 10% to 15% (by weight) layer of activated alumina as a water buffer on the inlet side of the desiccant bed. Silica gel operates at dew points -40F0 and lower than this, it decides depending on dryers design and its operating systems.

It is a form of the naturally occurring mineral silicon dioxide, better known in its granular form as sand or in crystals as quartz. Its most notable trait is its porousness, which allows it to absorb up to 40 percent of its weight in water. Since at least the mid-20th-century, it has been widely used as a desiccant, placed inside containers to prevent the contents from getting damp. Most commonly, it comes in the shape of beads wrapped in a permeable packet. Used in everything from museum display cases to electronic equipment packaging to boxes of seaweed, it is popular in part because—contrary to the warnings—it’s an inert, nontoxic substance that’s essentially harmless. Indigestible, it passes through the body and comes out looking much the same as when it went in. At least one manufacturer even markets a modified form of silica gel as a dietary supplement, complete with “new citrus taste.”

Applications & Uses:

High Moisture Absorbs Capacity:

Under dynamic condition, silica gel used in some heated or heatless type air dryers, operates under lower regeneration temperature.

Prefer Bead Shape:

There are beaded sizes more prefer than granular types. Orange and blue beads are uniformly minimizing channeling.

Visually check of desiccant conduction:

When indicating type beads are saturated fully moisture, its color color changes from blue to pink and orange to dark green.

Inorganic solid adsorbent material which is semi-transparent and porous structure with having highly adsorption capacity. If silica gel packets are FDA grade approved, that’s having inert and non-toxic substances. So, without any side effects on food, you can store your foods without any harmless.


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