Oxygen Absorbers for Food Packaging Storage

Oxygen absorbers are essentially material that are used to adsorb the polar molecule of oxygen. These materials have a very low internal vapour pressure that creates an affinity for oxygen. Oxygen scavengers are often enclosed in breathable material so that accumulation of oxygen can easily take place.

The levels of oxygen can brought down to as low as 0.1% for the desired time period by the use of oxygen scavengers. With the introduction into the packages, these materials begin to evacuate oxygen and levels of oxygen begin to plummet. A superior quality mixture of oxygen scavengers can evacuate 15cc to 1000cc of oxygen.

O-Busters are safe for use with food stuff as they are non-toxic and do not have any adverse health hazards. The materials have been found to be non-carcinogenic and pose no danger to the workers who handle them.  Each year these desiccants save millions for the manufacturers of items that can be damaged by oxygen and free radicals produced by it!

The effects of oxygen aided microbial growth can be seen in the form of change of the colour and smell of the food stuff while in metals there is build up of rust caused by oxygen radicals.


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