Multilayer Tubes in Cosmetic Industry

What are Multi-Layer Tubes?

Multilayer tubes are in high demand in the cosmetic industry, because of their eye-catching exteriors and flexibility to take up any kind of shapes and formats. Multilayer aluminium tubes are one of the most happening segments of the packaging industry. They find use in a wide variety of industries like cosmetics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, FMCG among others. The multi-layer tubes are mainly used to safely store and pack products like lipsticks, toothpastes, gels and creams.

Multilayer Tubes Correct packaging is very important for the product. If the latter is not packed properly, then the product inside may come in contact with outside elements like humidity, dust, mold, and mildew among others. Beautifully designed tubes add to the attractiveness of the product and gives it a distinct identity. People are then able to identify the product based on its outer packaging, I.e, multi-layer tubes. Not only do the multi-layer aluminium tubes make the product look appealing, these also extend their shelf life for a long period of time. In the market, these tubes are available in many attractive designs and colors.

Multi-Layer Tubes in the Cosmetic Industry

One of the main users of multi-layer aluminium tubes is the cosmetic industry, where it is used to store different products like creams, gels, nail polish and lipstick among others. These tubes are highly popular among cosmetic companies because they are best suited for printing, designing and carrying out a variety of decorations. Another factor is that these tubes keep up their original shape even when they are empty. This feature helps in maintaining the visuals of the brand and its theme till the tube is finally discarded.

Reasons behind High demand for Multi-Layer Tubes

Given below are the reasons why Multi-Layer tubes are so popular in the cosmetic industry:

1) Maintains high standard of hygiene: Multilayer Tubes are manufactured in such a manner that they offer world-class standards of hygiene. Cosmetics need to be packed in a clean, healthy atmosphere for them to look fresh and attractive. This can be achieved only if they are packed in multi-layer tubes, which offer the above mentioned and even more.

2) Offers all-round protection: Multilayer tubes are the best option for packing any kind of semi-solid and paste-like products. These include gels, creams and other products from the cosmetics industry. These tubes provide complete protection against the elements like air, moisture and dust, which may react with the product inside and make it unusable.

3) Many user-friendly aspects: Multilayer tubes also have many other user-friendly features, which one gets to know as we start using them. These include tamper protection and smart product safety features.

Best Ways in Which Oxygen Absorbers Preserves Food

Oxygen Absorbers- An Introduction

Oxygen absorbers, also known as oxygen scavengers, are small sachets that are placed in packages to remove or reduce the amount of oxygen. The level of oxygen needs to be maintained in closed packets, especially food packets, to ensure that the products placed inside do not get spoil or lose their freshness. A wide range of oxygen absorbers is available in the market. The oxygen absorber is usually sold in the form of porous sachets, packets and can also be found in packaging films. Some types of oxygen absorbers are an integral part of polymer structure.

The composition of an oxygen absorber depends on many factors. These include what it is being used for, the water activity of the packaged goods among others.

Oxygen Absorbers for Preservation of Food Products

Bakery & Cake PackagingOxygen Absorbers are very important in the food industry. Many types of food products are packed and transported to different places and so it becomes crucial that they remain fresh and unspoilt till they reach their final destination. Oxygen Absorbers remove oxygen from the closed space, leaving behind nitrogen, which helps increase the shelf life of the food product. Most oxygen absorbers reduce the oxygen levels to around 0.1% or even lesser.

If food products are in an oxygen-filled closed atmosphere for a long time, it can get spoilt in many different ways. These include growth of micro-organisms like mold, fungus and being affected by bugs. Food products can also turn rancid. Condensation and oxidizing of the vitamin portions of the food items may also occur. These are some of the different ways in which food products get spoilt when they come in contact with oxygen.

How Oxygen Absorbers Work

Oxygen Absorbers are usually available in a sealed bag and hence it becomes important that once they are opened,O-Buster Banner they should be immediately placed in the designated package. Otherwise, if it is left in the open, the oxygen absorber will start absorbing oxygen from the outside atmosphere itself.

Oxygen absorbers work through a process of chemical reaction. The oxygen absorber sachets contain iron powder, which when coming in contact with the oxygen turns into rust. Thus, all the iron powder gets oxidized and in this manner, the oxygen absorber becomes “saturated”. The absorbing action will stop at this point of time. Next, place the oxygen absorber sachet out in the open and it will again start reacting with the outside oxygen till all the iron powder turns into rust.

Oxygen Absorbers cannot be used to preserve all kinds of products. They are best suited for those food items, which are low in moisture and oil content. If the vapor content is not less than 10%, then contact with oxygen absorbers will lead to botulism poisoning. Thus oxygen absorbers are best for protecting dry fruits from insect damage as the fruits have very less moisture content.

Alumina Balls In Drying Of Steam Cracked Liquids

Activated Alumina is a commonly used desiccant, which is employed for the effective drying of gases and liquids. In the petroleum and natural gas industry, efficient processing, storage and movement of fluids is very crucial. For this to take place smoothly, all the water present in the gas needs to be completely removed. More and more companies are now turning to activated alumina for drying compressed air.


A permeable form of aluminum oxide, Activated Alumina desiccant is characterised by its high surface area. This allows for the smooth adsorption of liquids and gases without bringing about any change to its original form. Some other properties of activated alumina (which can explain its huge demand) are that it shows resistance to thermal stock and abrasion and does not change shape when in contact with water. When submerged in water, the activated alumina desiccant does not shrink, expand, soften or disintegrate. This property makes its highly popular in the petroleum and natural gas industry.



The activated alumina desiccant makes use of the process of adsorption to purify natural gases and liquids. As the gas passes through the alumina, the water present in it will stick to the alumina filter. Once all the water molecules are captured, the air becomes dry as it moves out of the filter. The desiccant can be used again and again as it is regenerated by heating the activated alumina. The heat will help release all the water that had been adsorbed earlier.




Available mostly in the shape of balls of 2-5, 3-6 and 5-8 mm, activated alumina finds use across various industries. Other than the drying of gases and liquids, it is used for the removal of oil vapours from gases. It can also be utilized for the removal of acidic materials from organic streams and inorganic gases.

Additionally, the activated alumina desiccant finds use in the refrigeration industry for the safe transit of electronic goods, pharma and food products. Activated alumina works as fire retardant fillers and also as catalysts for bed carriers.

The gases and liquids filtered by activated alumina include LPG, propylene, butene, gasoline, aromatic solvents, steam cracked liquids, steam cracked gases, synthesis gas and natural gas among others.

Food Grade & Pharma Grade LDPE bags

The LDPE (low density polyethylene) bags are ideal for packaging & gamma irradiation of the powders, components and products. This is the thermoplastic made from a monomer ethylene. Its manufacture employs a similar method nowadays. This LDPE bags is largely used to manufacture the different containers, wash bottles, plastic bags, dispensing bottles and tubing bottles for the computer components & the different laboratory equipment. And its most general use is in the plastic bags. This bags used in the different industries including chemical, garments, electronics, automobile textile ad so on for packing of the products. These nags prevent a product from the dust or rain ad also transit damage. A major reason of introducing the LDPE bags as a packaging the material to give the top level of the transparency & also flexibility into the bags. This bag is very efficient as well as a valuable protection solution for the purpose of to keep all food items very fresh for longer time and also to enhance a shelf life of the health care medicines as well as drugs & also used to protect the other packaging products or items from a harmful effect of the odour, moisture, mildew and mold.

Buy It And Keep Everything Safe:

 Ldpe Bags

Ldpe Bags

These bags are the moisture free, toxic free ad odorless, it gives a great possible way for 100 percent safety of a packaging product. The professional service helps a lot in maintaining very efficiency & also value of all products till they not opened or not reached into the customers. This bag is available in the various range of the sizes as well as shapes which will be selected depends on an application and quantity and also shape of the product that is packaged for the longer period. This professional service provides the top quality of Low density polyethylene bags that bring very effective results in a packaging product of a rage of the industries. Some types of the bags is largely used in a pharmaceutical & also food industry where all of the products want to be more protected from the moisture as well as from the external environmental situation when the products stored and also transported.

How Do Silica Gel Packets Help In Moisture Preservation?

Silica gel is solid and inert sorbent for water & moisture absorption process.We are deployedSSS1d for a variety of unexpected practical uses of silica gel packets. Silica gel is considered to be desiccant that can absorb moisture from things to keep them moisture free and dry. I have utilized them for numerous purposes and I share a few uses with you. I am a mechanic and have a lot of tools that could be easily affected with moisture, especially when I leave them outside.

Recently, I came to know that placing one or two silica gel packets in the drawer and tool box, I can keep them dry and protect my tools from getting oxidized. I love travelling and fly to various places frequently. In order to prevent moisture in foul-smelling of my attires, I place silica gel packet in my travel bag. It works really well.

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Function of Activated Alumina In The Process Of Water/Gas Dehydration and Filtration Process

Process of Water Hydration and Filtration:

Activated alumina is regarded essential as an effective desiccant and adsorbent that is utilized in number of applications to remove the moisture and in purifying products. Its application in the process of air drying is magnificent due to the highly porous nature of aluminum oxide which works efficiently in wide range of conditions. Water dehydration with activated alumina desiccant is a natural gas treating technology, the end result of which is similar to the gas processing technologies including glycol dehydration or gas dehydration, excepting that the desiccant dehydration does not make use of amines. Activated alumina desiccant dehydration utilizes adsorption technology for the purpose of drying natural gas.

Activated Alumina for Water Dehydration

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Why SILICA GEL is better for drying applications than other “ADSORBENTS”?

Silica gel is spherical and granular foam containing 97-100% silicon dioxide. It is available in two types self-indicating, a radiant bead – blue & orange color after saturated change to light pink and dark green. Another silica gel type is non-indicating white, when saturated it converts transparent white.

Silica gel is interconnecting with alumina and silicate, the selection of silica gel type is not important except to perform in environments, it prefers organic silica, because it is organic and environmentally free with high adsorption capacity than white.


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Flash Chromatography: Makes Separation of Compounds Easier and Cost-effective Way

The chromatography adsorbents are generally used to separate the mixture of various substances that are available in very small quantity into the mixture. When a compound is mixed with different components that have same chemical and physical properties, it gets tougher to separate the component from the mixture. Common adsorbents don’t perform significantly in such cases.


The process works by distributing the mixture into two different phases namely- fixed phase and the mobile phase. Where the fixed phase can be the column of adsorbent, paper or thin layer of adsorbing material on a glass plate where the unwanted components are absorbed by the plate but, on the contrary, the compounds used in mobile phase pass through quite easily. Thus chromatography helps in producing pure liquids.

Various types of adsorbents are used in chromatography process which is based on the type of mixtures of components that are about to be separated such as; silica gel, aluminum oxide, thin layer, flash and column chromatography, etc. and it is important to select the perfect adsorbent for the mixtures.

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What are those little pellets in pill bottles for?

Answer by Rajesh Galgalikar:

User need to put this little desiccant canister inside the capsule or tablet bottles to control moisture when it closed. This is protect our packaging goods to safely dry and fresh. Canisters are FDA approved. you can find more about @Supplier of  Desiccant Products

What are those little pellets in pill bottles for?

Oxygen Absorbers for Food Packaging Storage

Oxygen absorbers are essentially material that are used to adsorb the polar molecule of oxygen. These materials have a very low internal vapour pressure that creates an affinity for oxygen. Oxygen scavengers are often enclosed in breathable material so that accumulation of oxygen can easily take place.

The levels of oxygen can brought down to as low as 0.1% for the desired time period by the use of oxygen scavengers. With the introduction into the packages, these materials begin to evacuate oxygen and levels of oxygen begin to plummet. A superior quality mixture of oxygen scavengers can evacuate 15cc to 1000cc of oxygen.

O-Busters are safe for use with food stuff as they are non-toxic and do not have any adverse health hazards. The materials have been found to be non-carcinogenic and pose no danger to the workers who handle them.  Each year these desiccants save millions for the manufacturers of items that can be damaged by oxygen and free radicals produced by it!

The effects of oxygen aided microbial growth can be seen in the form of change of the colour and smell of the food stuff while in metals there is build up of rust caused by oxygen radicals.